Breaking Barriers As An Entrepreneur- Meet Justin Owens

Introducing Justin Owens, a 33 years young entrepreneur raised in Stockbridge, Georgia. Justin Owens is not your average entrepreneur, he began his entrepreneurial journey at a young age helping his parents with their business and learning detrimental lessons that he has carried with him to this day.

During his younger years he was able to develop a work ethic that would drive him into the success he experiences today. What sets Justin apart from other young entrepreneurs is not simply his work ethic and longevity of work experiences, but his personal understanding of himself. Justin set out on a journey to break through his social norms and stereotypes by choosing a path that was not paved for him. He knew that the majority of individuals who looked like him and had his skills, set out to be athletes and entertainers. He did not want to travel down this same path. Justin made it his goal to challenge the system for Black entrepreneurs and show the world their importance and essentialism to the field of network marketing and business.

Justin’s early adulthood was unconventional, rather than spend his time and money receiving an institutionalized education, he sought education through several self-help courses from successful entrepreneurs and coaches. He wanted to spend time learning everything that interested him. Through his independent learning from various speakers such as Franklin Covey, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and John Maxwell, he was able to invest in his own personal growth and self-development without the debt of university. After countless hours of researching educational courses, books, and conventions, he was able to find the right mentorship for himself.

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