About Justin M. Owens

Entrepreneur - Sales Trainer - Speaker

Hi there! My name is Justin M. Owens...

...and I want to keep it 100% with you.

I’ve always had big goals, dreams, and I have always been passionate about helping people find strategies to win.

I believe that hustle is a critical piece of success. In high school, when every one was playing sports and partying, I was working. My parents had a cleaning business, so many days after school I was working with my dad I also sold anything that I could - LEGALLY - to make a profit (from clothing, CDs, candy, etc.) That was my first taste of entrepreneurship, and I was hooked.

My dream changed quickly from wanting to be a dental hygienist to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  A new world opened up to me; I began to meet people that were extremely successful, living life on their terms, having time to do whatever they wanted and having a lifestyle others dreamed of. I became obsessed for learning about students of success, about business, marketing, and adding value to influential people (when I had no value to give but my service and humility).  Since then, it’s been a powerful journey for me – I learned from the best in my industry and began to have the same results in my life as an entrepreneur. I have run successful sales companies that generated millions of dollars in revenue, to currently serving as a forex and crypto investor, Entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.  

To think I went from being a guy with no college education, broke, and clueless to where I am in my life is nothing short of amazing.

After becoming a success, people would ask me, “Are you a basketball player?” “Are you a Rapper?”, and yes some unfortunately have even asked, “Are you a drug dealer?” The answer of course was “NO”... I’m an Entrepreneur.

It became a mission of mine to show that you don’t have to fall into the stereotypes of what success is, and that now more than ever, entrepreneurship is and will provide the lifestyle that people thought were reserved professional athletes and celebrities.

I am proof that if you believe that you can succeed, position yourself to learn the skills necessary, and commit to your vision and pursue it with 100% passion… anything is possible.

Lifestyle, satisfaction, and passion are more important to me than JUST making a living. I believe that a bad day working in your passion is better than a great day at any job.

It’s hard to think that without having any business experience and no college degree, I went from selling candy in high school to running a seven-figure business in a couple years.  How did it happen? A few words come to mind: Desire, Humility, Hustle, Heart, Passion, Skill, Focus, And Patience.

I’m not sure your definition of success is (great health, a incredible spiritual life, never missing a game for your kids, being a great spouse, family, etc. ) but whatever it is I encourage you to find it. That’s because I truly believe that you DESERVE IT.