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Justin Owens is an Entrepreneur, Leadership Trainer, and Executive Coach. He was born into a family of entrepreneurs. So Justin’s natural knack for turning an idea, or opportunity, into a business has been something he has been doing since he was in second grade.


Justin knew early that he never liked the idea of a “set income” or the idea of structure with someone ordering him around and controlling his time. He knew he wanted the opportunity to make as much money as he wanted, and that’s when he discovered the world of direct sales. 


Justin found success in direct sales early in his entrepreneurial journey. He was earning 6-figures consistently for 7-8 years. Making 6-figures in his early twenties was an accomplishment. Still, Justin saw an opportunity to obtain FULL control of his destiny in the industry. In 2014 he started his own sales company. And in 18 short months, he and his partners built a multi-million dollar company. He’s built an organization that does $30 million in sales annually. 


Justin has always had a passion for training and coaching other young entrepreneurs. As soon as he would learn something on his journey, he was quick to share it with the next aspiring entrepreneur.  It could have been a business opportunity, personal development information, or anything he felt would help someone become greater. In 2017 he found an opportunity to invest, coach, and train other entrepreneurs and He’s build an organization 


In 2017 Just started investing full-time because he realized this was the real way to wealth. Like his other ventures, Justin found significant success in investing and decided to put all of his time and effort into teaching others how to invest and become financially free. He’s personally helped develop multiple 6 figure earners and investors and he plans for that number to increase.


Justin’s passion for investing lies in his belief that investing is the real key to unlocking generational wealth.


“If you’re not saving or investing, you have zero chance of creating wealth. I learned early on that getting wealthy is a team sport. Now that I have the formula, I plan to train and teach as many people as I can.”

To learn more about investing and the opportunity to train with

Justin Owens text “invest” to 80123.